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Hey! Say! JUMP fics~

think as CREATIVE as you can

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Hey! Say! JUMP fics
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For HSJ fans who has amazing imagination
Irrashai minna, this community is dedicated to all of Hey! Say! JUMP fan who like to read Hey! Say! JUMP fanfictions, and make Hey! Say! JUMP fanfictions.


01. Only Hey! Say! JUMP-fanfiction-related posts are allowed in this community. At least one of your characters must be a Hey! Say! JUMP member. (any fics that doesn’t related to Hey! Say! JUMP will be deleted)
02. Keep all of fanfictions use a LJcut. (it can link to your journal, or posts in this community)
03. Always use tag when post something here. (it’s a must)
a. Author Fics :: example, a: victoria, a: elizabeth, (username in LJ)
b. Length Fics :: #multi-chapter or #one-shot or #drabble.
c. Pairing Fics :: example, p: yamada ryosuke/yuto nakajima or p: yabu kouta/hikaru yaotome, p: takaki yuya/OC(original character), p: inoo kei/tegoshi yuya, p: yuto nakajima/DC(dorama character).
d. Rating Fics :: r: g or r: pg or r: pg-13 or r: pg-15 or r: r or r: r nc- 17. (do not post stories that higher than nc-17, post something related to adult contains etc. They are still young. Your post will deleted soon, without any warn)
04. Always show ::
Tittle :
Author :
Length :
Pairing :
Rating :
Genre :
Warnings/Disclaimer :
Summary :
Link to previous chapters (optional):
A.N. : (keep it short)
:: when post your fics.
05. You may use fic banner. The size must not biger than 400x200 pixels. (keep the size not larger than the layout)
06. All stories must be in English, or include English translations.
07. Do not disable commenting on your posts or link to the locked post on your journal.
08. Only use community default color, size, font.
09. If you break the rules, mod will leave a comment in your entry. If in 3 days, you’re not editing your posts, your fics will be deleted.
10. Follow the RULES.

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